I Know I Can

Breaking  barriers, Opening doors.


Who We Are and What We Do

Providing financial support to students of color in order to achieve their dreams

The goal is to provide black students the opportunity to achieve their goals by eliminating some financial roadblocks. As a result, I Know I Can is a scholarship fund for students to get assistance paying for books, admission fees, standardized tests, board exams, purchasing class materials in order to be able to attend school and be successful as well as post graduation with licensure exams, study materials to study for board exams.  In the long run, I Know I Can would like to be able to award selected students with full scholarships to attend a four year college or pursue graduate school. Here you can learn more about the application requirements, how you can donate and participate in fundraising events to help support students reach their educational dreams.


Our Mission

Breaking Barriers, Opening Doors

I Know I Can wants to provide scholarships to cover fees in order to allow black students access to higher education. We would like for you to be part of this journey and consider donating to this scholarship. Everything earned will go directly to developing different resources for students, so anything helps.

Supporting Educational Dreams 

Making it possible for students of color to obtain higher education

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I Know I Can

Kathy Calvin

"Giving is not just about making a donation, it's about making a difference"